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I moved to the US in 2007 for college, right in the middle of the financial crisis. I was eager to make a name for myself and was sure that if I put in the work I’d definitely get somewhere and eventually move back home! My family was super excited for my (and their) growth! My first love was bummed but we were sure we were going to make our love last despite the distance and lack of affordable communication tools (Facebook was the thing then but data was expensive AF).

Then life happened – I was top of my class but social life was tough (especially as I was the life of the party at home!), I got an offer in a top competitive field but my first years in Corporate America were hell, I broke up with said first love, dated other people and there were lots of heartbreaks, my family continued to demand more and more of me, I made new awesome friends and lost old ones along the way. I went to a top graduate school, made even more fantastic friends, got another top offer, hated it, left. I had a meltdown.

After hitting rock bottom emotionally, I started thinking about that eager girl that thought that she could rule the world, that girl that would walk into a room and turn heads, that girl that was not afraid to share her thoughts, the same one that knew what she wanted and did not give up until she got it … where did she go? Somewhere in the process of assimilating, keeping some of my roots, growing as a person, working out, keeping up with my spirituality and trying to be the perfect daughter, sister, friend, team member … I lost myself! I realized I needed to get her back (the grown up version at least).

So over the last two years, I’ve been trying to define who I am and what legacy I want to leave behind. I realize that there was always something to learn with each experience good or bad. I’ll be sharing my experience and hopefully other people who relate can feel empowered that they are not alone or crazy.

Now that the intro is done, I’d like to set expectations. This blog is not meant to offer professional advice – it’s just a place to share content that people can hopefully relate to. I am a busy professional (and I imagine you are too) – posts will be kept short and will likely be infrequent. I gravitate towards humor so I hope that permeates through the posts. Writing is not my thing so don’t expect professional quality posts. I will not tolerate negativity – there’s too much hate in the world, this will not be another place for it. Lastly and most importantly, have fun, laugh, cry, be emotional and engage.

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